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Plant A Douce founder, Kai Chi Chuang, is a Taiwanese-born Parisienne, fashion designer & couture diplomat. Her professional experience in the fashion industry has brought her through its entire landscape - from creation and production, to marketing, merchandising and retail. Surfing from fast fashion, concept stores, to world-leading fashion groups - years of these intense experiences in the real world of the fashion industry has kept Kai Chi longing for a new sense of purpose to re-examine the meaning of fashion. With a new identity as a conscious Earthian, she aims to communicate issues surrounding the environment and living meaningfully with an emphasis on design language- by creating positive energy agreeable to her soul, passion and the planet. Welcome to the new pages with her on Plant A Douce.


Why Douce?

Plant A Douce /plaːnt ə dus/

Douce, a charming word in French, meaning sweet, soft, kindness, slow, freshness - all at once.

Embodying the magic of douce, PAD unlocks alternative access for all world citizens to , rethink, re-acknowledge, to open conversations and to take part in the change starting from the sweetest, simplest touch in our daily lives.

Voila lovely souls, ready to join us on the DouceMove?


PAD color

"When it comes to a color for 2020, Neo Mint is an oxygenating, fresh tone that harmonizes science and technology with nature. It has a cool, futuristic tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature." 

This new directional color heralds the start of a new decade, embodying an optimistic mood when advances in tech and science will take hold.


Coloro X WGSN: Neo Mint – the fusion of tech and nature