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Living space—small as the heart within each of us, large as the earth under our feet. Learn to make choices, concentrate our energy and resources on matters which are truly important, make life simpler, the mind clearer, and the mood more stable. And thus we shall find ourselves in deeper connection with our hearts and our surroundings—the nature we inhabit.


居與家,小則我們每個人的心窩,大則我們腳踩的地球。從鋼筋結構到有機物質,幾只盆栽蠟燭到一種氣味某種氛圍。呈現的,是一種狀態也是一種生活態度與哲學。問全世界最幸福的北歐人美好生活的秘密是什麼?他們會很輕鬆的告訴你- 親近自然,回歸簡單。日常感官被過度豐富的資源與物質環繞的我們,對於幸福的依歸常常是茫然向外探求。學著做選擇,把能量和資源放在對我們真正重要的人事物,讓生活更簡單、心靈更澄淨,情緒更穩定。人與內心、與環境即自然和諧快樂。




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