Buy Less Buy Better

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Everyone tries to better themselves in some ways. Some hit the gym everyday or try to eat more vegetables to stay healthy. Some try to stop buying things that are not absolutely necessary-trying to fight consumerism in every way they can. These habits require a big dose of will power, especially when you don't know where to start. Yes, the end results sound fantastic! But it can also be very challenging at times.

Let's say you are into fashion.

Now, I am taking on this example because it is the one I know best. I have always felt passionate about clothing. As a matter of fact, I studied fashion design and make some of my own clothing. I also used to buy unwisely, thinking quantity before quality.


So let’s say you just love clothing and it makes you feel very cheerful building your own outfits every morning. Although, one could think that it's not very sustainable or maybe even shallow, I do agree that living the minimalist lifestyle doesn't mean getting rid of everything, like the things that make you happy. But getting rid of all the stuff piling up around you that you actually kind of forgot about -and this is a good rule for me, if you don't remember it, just don't keep it - is healthy, even necessary! But if you find your joy in dressing up, what's the big deal? You just need to do it smartly!

For example you could buy second hand. This is what worked for me. I love spending hours searching for that hidden piece of treasure in a huge pile of old clothes. I think I would have been a great hunter if it wasn’t for my love of animals!



First of all, it is cheaper! It makes your style unique and if you buy form a charity shop you could help people in need. It sounds like a good alternative to spending your entire salary at Zara...but sometimes it is just not you, right? You might just hate searching in a pile of rags for hours, or, and it is often the case, you end up buying a thousand coats just because it is so cheap.

The point is not to clog your wardrobe with things you don't need (even if it's a super bargain...I know, it's hard). This is the problem I faced. As a master in clothing hunting, I very often ended up coming home with more clothes than I could wear on a lifetime. Which leads me to my second point: buy less, buy better.

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No, you don't have to ban fashion from your vocabulary! You don't have to dress shabby to prove that you care about the environment. But always ask yourself this: will your future purchase add value to your life? Just like you would for anything else, acting conscious is about thinking before acting.

Give yourself some time before buying, think about it. Do you fancy this thing ? Do you need it ? And of course, try to find the best brand that share your values. Nowadays there are quite a lot of eco-friendly brands that are very cool and stylish, we will try to give you a selection very soon.

Enjoying life is also about little pleasures. But always remember, "If one oversteps the bounds of moderation, the greatest pleasures cease to please." - Epictetus