Shopping Sans Packaging

Zero Waste Grocery Shop - LØS Market, Copenhagen

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When I heard of the opening of the very first package-free store, LØS Market in Copenhagen - with conscious concepts similar to another package-free shop I have been yearning to visit in New York, Trash for Tossers - I was eager and excited to visit as soon as possible!

As a conscious living explorer, I have been continuously learning more and more of the extent on how plastic waste pollutes our oceans. To minimize all kinds of plastics, paper and cardboard, which I would call "useless packaging" - from food wrapping particularly - has become one of my most faithful conscious living practices for years.

On a gloomy, garish and rainy Thursday morning, my sister, two cousins and I were four sustainability researchers dropping in on LØS Market with enthusiasm! It was our first visit thus we decided to make a little trip out of it.

LØS Market is the first organic package free shop in Copenhagen which was opened in September 2016 by Frédéric Hamburger and his partners. Its philosophy is to produce as little waste as possible in our daily use- especially those from our food, which as we know produces a lot of unnecessary plastic waste.

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Among the calm and welcoming atmosphere Frédéric, who stood behind the counter, gave a friendly and passionate introduction to the concept and system of the shop.  As a store with zero waste wrapping nor packaging, customers have to use their creativity to find alternative ways to carry their groceries home. You can either bring your own glass jars or cotton bags , or purchase nice containers in the store.

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As far as I know, it is often complicated to buy food in small quantities in Denmark- take flour, rice or olive oil for example. LØS Market will therefore be your ideal grocery go-to, allowing customers to buy the exact amount they need. Moreover, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you may find a great range of 100% organic local products here! We found LØS Market to be a satisfying, safe and consciously aligned place for everyday Danish life.

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To us, this concept is not only an amazing tool to practice more sustainable grocery shopping habits, but also an inspiration for other trades, businesses, and consumers who all aim to produce less waste.

As the slogan of the shop says, “The best waste is the waste we do not create-” oh, how I couldn’t agree more!

Just a small reminder before you hop on your bike (Yes, I understand you must be as curious and excited as we were!) the shop is located at Saxogade, Vesterbro, Copenhagen. However, dear plantadoucers, if you are located closer to Nørrebro, Copenhagen , you are the first lucky few to hear the news that LØS Market might open a second location there very soon! ! Maybe I’ll see you around!