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Spaces in Between

When consciously designed by architects,
empty spaces can bring into our life peace, joy and transcendence.

As an architect, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea of “space in between”. Think about it, when you walk on the street, have you once noticed not only the theatres, cathedrals, statues, but also the aisles, alleys, and corridors? Unlike the overly designed spaces, these simple spaces, sometimes even intentionally left empty, can often arouse in us a serendipitous wonder. For me, these unassuming spaces are largely undervalued -- in them dwell the potential to bring us true meaning and serenity.

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If light is taken away from the world one day, what would Hokkaidou look like from the outer space?

At 3 a.m. on September 6, 2018, a 7-magnitude earthquake at a small town called Atsuma Chō threw the whole Hokkaido into a 36-hour complete darkness. That night, wrapped in darkness without any idea of when could we see light again, we saw the universe behind its mask.

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Urban Air

We shape our cities just as much as the cities we inhabit shape us. It’s a  constant symbiosis, especially for the air in our cities: Polluted air that is emitted from buildings, vehicles, factories, that is also the air that we breathe in. So when we pollute the urban air - when we pollute our cities, we pollute ourselves.

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