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A concept that has lost its way in a culture where it is often fast and disposable. A concept that now feels disconnected to our day-to-day challenges. The word fashion comes from the Latin word facere, which means to do, to make. Let us make fashion a verb again. Let us re-imagine fashion as a collective and co-created process. Let us use fashion to express our individuality for a lush and regenerative world.


時尚,表達起來又潮又時髦卻也講得容易去得快,對日常中平凡的你我而言往往不具任何實質的意義或感受。所以在這裡我們和世界各地的意見領袖想和大家聊的,是「時」與「尚」,還原人類著衣的本質與美學:時- 表達的是時下、當下,與一段時間內所呈現,甚至永恆延續的狀態。尚- 表現的是一種品味、展露個人特色的、吸引人崇尚、追求更美更好的生活態度。




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