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Slow Fashion on the Plateau

In an era of excessive consume, is it necessary to manufacture more products?

“In order to get to know the market, initially we would go shopping. But after a while we were totally frustrated and shocked by how many bags, clothes, and accessories had already been produced… It was then we started to feel a dilemma: why should we become another manufacturer when there are already millions of them?’” said April, the founder of Shangdrok, a brand that collaborates with Tibetan nomads to produce yak-wool artisan products.

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FashionILing TsengComment
Prequel: What is New Luxury?

The day before I started to pen down my boiling thoughts on Conscious Fashion, a girl just about to enroll her study in Fashion Design in Paris approached me through a common friend. With all her freshman enthusiasm and curiosity, she said to me: “It’s so great to finally meet you in person! I’ve been waiting for the day you come back to Paris…I would love to learn about your thoughts on Sustainable Fashion while you tour around Europe attending all those professional events and hear about the platform you’ve been building! Sustainable Fashion…how can we get our hands on it?”

What do we talk about, when we talk about Fashion? – I see myself searching for answers in an equally eager way just like that freshman girl, throughout my near ten-year pursuit in the field of fashion. In June, when I read about State of Fashion on BoF online journal, I immediately booked myself a train ticket to Arnhem in the eastern Netherlands. Having had to change all my work schedules, no matter how, there I was, two days before the exhibition closed down.

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Goldfingers - Making Ethical Aesthetic Shining Through Poetic Jewelry Design

In the past few years, the transparency and reformation of fashion industry have started to gain momentum. We all more or less have heard the phrase , “Who made my clothes?” and of the bleak reality of fast fashion. That sparkling piece of gold jewelry given to memorialize a special life occasion is barely given a second thought as to where it came from.

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Conscious Chatter

“Cheers to all you changemakers out there!” This is how Kestrel Jenkins, the host of the podcast Conscious Chatter, ends each podcast episode - A perfect way to introduce her podcast and the change she wants to do in the world.

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The Rumbling Fashion Reformation

It can be easy to find a city with great style, but when it comes to dominating the fashion landscape in particular, I believe any person will straightforwardly point out Paris, New York, London, Milan. If you are a little more immersed in the universe of fashion, this special city may conceal a certain importance and meaning to you- Antwerp.

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“All sorts of clothes come here” - This is the first sentence of the short documentary Unravel, that lasts no more than 13.30 minutes. This is a film about where all of your discarded clothes go. A lot of it is transported to India.

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