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What is culture? A moving essay, a beautiful photograph, a musical imprint. It’s a trip with loved ones that will be remembered forever, a bowl of natural flavors, a handicraft that was made with patience and care. At PAD, culture is about experiencing life in all its glorious and fascinating ways. We want to tell the stories of artists, musicians, travelers, chefs, farmers and creators and makers of all kinds. Here, they can share their love and compassion with our global community.


一篇好文一張影像,一段烙印在腦海中的旋律,一次永生感動的旅行,一碗自然樸實的人間美味,一件慢工完成的生活器皿,一席難忘的啟示對談與生命體驗... 收錄來自藝術家、音樂家、旅行者、廚師、農夫與形形色色創意實現家的故事,他們在這裡和世界分享,如何透過這些微小悸動與覺知,實現啟發每一個人對自己與周圍環境的關愛,變得更加包容。




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