I Wish I Could be a Cloud in the Heavens


by Sound healing musician, Pei-Yuan Chen | Yunnan,china


When you gaze at a cloud in the sky, what dawns upon you?

An unrelenting train of thought? A retrospect of your past or expectations for the future?

Most of us live in metropolises with skyline shadowed by a panoply of skyscrapers. When was the last time we slowed down our paces and took pleasure in examining the clouds drifting above?

Can you imagine that there is a place far on the planet, where people get in touch with their inner peace and feel connected to the grounds they stand on just by looking up at the sky?

Do the people there catch subtle changes of weather and marvel at nature’s masterful crafting skill on a diurnal basis?

Rumor has it that a cluster of celestially colored clouds was seen along the white cliffs during the Han Dynasty. Emperor Wu sent people to follow it until it landed in the southern part of China. Since then, people called this beautiful place Yunnan and this name went down in history.

Yunnan boasts an abundance of natural resources and miscellaneous mountains with plateau lakes glinting among and scattered across, some of them resembling pearls forgotten by God. Fifty-two different minority ethnic groups add flavor to its uniqueness. Despite being on the border of China, its importance has never been undervalued. It has been a vital transportation juncture on the Silk Road between Southeast Asia and China.

Because of its remoteness, Yunnan used to be a place where the culprits were exiled. As time goes by, however, Yunnan has become a paradise for modern people. The Government of China put economic development into priority at a sacrifice of salubriousness and environmental protection. Slowly and surely, people start to realize that they’ve been investing too much hope into material things that they have forgotten the true meaning of happiness. The smoggy sky prevents people from breathing fresh air. Food and water are questioned for their safety. Without a doubt, the moment city residents set foot on Yunnan, they will be soul-washed by the cerulean sky, pristine air, abundant natural produce and virgin forests surrounding them.

When the gelidity of winter, accompanied by an unappeasable deluge, darkened the skies elsewhere and imbued people’s hearts with despondency, Yunnan embraced its tourists with ardently warm sunshine. On the mysterious plateau, winter was tinctured with warmth and a  pellucidly azure sky.

When unbearable heat waves hit other provinces, Yunnan becomes an ideal shelter for people. Rains in the wet season keep Yunnan at an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Thanks for the plateau, Yunnan keeps itself from being swelteringly moist after the rain ceases and the sun emerges from behind the clouds. This is the time when the rainbow and the clouds freely play in the sky.

Because of its unique geographic features, Yunnan seemed to be well-protected by mother nature. Located in the northeast part of Yunnan, Wumeng Mountain, over 3,200m above sea level, blocks the northwest chilly winds. Its west neighbor, the Tibetan Plateau, blocks the cold current sent from Siberia.

Dry and hot air blowing from India warms the winter. In summer, the atmosphere is cozy, for the plateau functions as a regulator to keep the humidity and temperature constant. These factors settle the matter of why Yunnan is always springlike.

All the amazing elements of Yunnan that we mentioned above, such as the pleasant weather and an eclectic mix of cultures, have attracted numerous visitors, some of whom even decided to move here with their whole family and to create their own Utopia.

In Yunnan, we can leave all our troubles behind. All we have to do is to look at the sky above: the clouds stream across with lightness and ease, and all our pressure is washed away.

When you gaze at a cloud in the sky, what dawns upon you?

Is it an unrelenting train of thought? A retrospect of your past or expectations for the future?

When you nestle your body and your mind in nature, you will find yourself embraced by all the richness around you. In a cloud, you’ll see a creek originating from the snow-capped mountain, careering down the steep slopes and eventually flowing into the deep ocean. You’ll see the sun, under whose heat water evaporates and rises up to the atmosphere, leaving the ocean like a baby saying goodbye to his mother. Eventually, the vapor gathers together in the sky to form clouds and nourish the land and all its creatures through rains.

If you chew over the concept of clouds, you may, inchmeal, get a grasp of nature’s mechanism and how lives coexist as a whole.

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Video & music courtesy Pei-Yuan Chen


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