Conscious Living Destination at Stockholm

Traversing on a bike from Skeppsholmen island, I arrived on Djurgården island. Just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm’s inner city, this tranquil local oasis has been in possession of the crown since the 15th century. Like no other place in Stockholm, it collects many of the city’s most famous museums and cultural attractions as well as the most fascinating green environment. However, on such a day, museum visits were on standby. I was keen, and could almost smell the aroma of natural organic food,baked goods and coffee diffusing in the air, all freshly served from one of my top conscious living destinations in Stockholm -- Rosendals Trädgård -- biodynamic urban garden.

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I Wish I Could be a Cloud in the Heavens

When you gaze at a cloud in the sky, what dawns upon you?

An unrelenting train of thought? A retrospect of your past or expectations for the future?

Most of us live in metropolises with skyline shadowed by a panoply of skyscrapers. When was the last time we slowed down our paces and took pleasure in examining the clouds drifting above?

Can you imagine that there is a place far on the planet, where people get in touch with their inner peace and feel connected to the grounds they stand on just by looking up at the sky?

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Oh My Food, It’s Ok To Be Ugly!

However, no matter if their food comes from the supermarket or a meal box, in the middle of this beautifully curated farm-to-table system, a new project is born into the spotlight. What of the fruit that usually goes straight into the waste bin? Here we introduce GRIM, the ugly fruit and veggie meal box brand by Carolin and Petra.

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After another long winter this year, spending time outdoors with sprouting plants, digging in the soil and making things grow are some of the best things I can think of to occupy my free time. I think that is one of the reasons this documentary, Sustainable, really spoke to me and my growing interest in nature and the power of the soil.

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They decided that they had to do something to outweigh all of this news of environmental destruction and make a better tomorrow. So they gathered some of their friends from the film industry and started traveling the world for some good news - to seek out the people that take action into their own hands to try and make a change.

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Beyond Coffee

Established in 2012, with their mushroom mindset spreading all over Copenhagen, this innovative company that just started to harvest in business growth in 2016, has now become one of the pioneering, circular economy business models in Denmark. This is our interview with Beyond Coffee’s Founder, Tobias Lau-walk into the wonderworld of Tobias’s sustainable vision with us. 

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