Time for Peace & HUMANIUM - The World’s Most Valuable Metal

Interview with Tobias Ericsson, Co-Founders of TRIWA

Photo courtesy TRIWA

Photo courtesy TRIWA

Peace - for most of the readers, is a basic essential, like the air we breathe, the water we drink- but for others, it is a treasure they fight for with their bare fists in their everyday lives. Some never have a chance to see the beauty of it before their living spirit is forcibly taken away.

No matter how profoundly we feel about peace or threats, we must have a fresh memory of the latest International event - March for Our Lives - it was, in American history, the biggest youth-led protest since the Vietnam War era in the 1950’s.

Taking place on March 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C., the tipping point of which was a mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine's Day that left 17 people dead. Global response exploded immediately, with over 800 sister events throughout the United States and around the world, calling out for gun control legislation.

“Books Not Bullets,” was not only the roaring peace message from protesters, it also represented the true hope from billions of humans around the world, especially in high firearm violence regions.

“There are hundred of millions of illegal firearms in the world. As a result, someone is shot every minute. Armed violence is a global epidemic that hits developing countries especially hard. (...)

Armed violence is a worldwide problem accounting for more than 1,500 deaths each day. Every year at least 500.000 people are killed by firearms, making small arms true ‘weapons of mass destruction’.”
- IM [1] Swedish Development Partner


Time For Peace

“Since the first day, one of the main thoughts that runs through the company is sustainability.” the phrase flew out before Tobias reached his seat, one of the four co-founders of TRIWA.


In the heart of Stockholm, this is where TRIWA, the “small” design brand, established their creative world in watch design since 2007, with the big ambition in transforming the industry of watches. Expanding into over 2500 retailers across 25 countries nowadays, the mighty cozy and friendly atmosphere in the headquarters doesn’t mask their enthusiasm in constantly evolving through product development, making details matter one after another.

“We are in a business where a high rate of consumption occurs. We are not willing to be like that. To create products that last, that we ourselves would be proud to wear, since day one, every one of our products are made with vegetable tanned leather from Swedish cows. The process is also 100% environmentally friendly in that all the water used in production can go directly back into the nature without pollution.” Tobias explained.

Tobias continued, “The strong feeling that we have to give back more to contribute to the business, keeps us in constant search for further CSR achievements- that is what led us to the Humanium project. After a two year process since starting the discussion, we are determined to take the lead and be the first in the world to produce real products out of this ‘new’ material- ”

Photo courtesy TRIWA

Photo courtesy TRIWA

The material he is talking about are HUMANIUM iron bars.These are melted down from illegal guns from Honduras, El Salvador or Columbia etc. They are a low quality metal mix which was originally not possible for watch production and is a serious concern for allergies and hypersensitivity problems- typical undesirable reactions from metal allergens.

“ -To refine and extract high quality stainless steel out of it, we ran all over the world trying to make the impossible happen. Now we are ready to share with the world what these guns have turned into, a project proudly born and realized in Sweden, a transformation into a delicate accessory.

It’s a love product. We see it as extremely important to take a stand for a better world without being political. HUMANIUM Metal, as said by IM, is the most valuable metal in the world.”


Sustainability & Peace


Reading up to here, you may want to familiarize yourself with the concept between sustainable development and peace, especially if the Sustainable Development Goals are not yet familiar to you. Evaluated and re-asserted from the sustainable development action plan set by the United Nations in the 90s, they zero in on 3 focuses, they are: Social Development, Economy Development, Environmental Sustainability. They are marked as the first international attempt to draw upon a more sustainable pattern of development with 17 goals and 5 elements: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership. [2]

HUMANIUM Metal is part of IM Swedish Development Partner’s strategy to help fulfill United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16: Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

“The costs of armed violence extends beyond the loss of human life and physical harm. ”
- IM Swedish Development Partner.

With their long history in seeking efficient supportive solutions to countries where gun violence is undermining developments, IM has sought after completely new ways of addressing the problem, by tying up the support from the most influential lobbying group - consumers, you and me.


“The Circul-life of the HUMANIUM project, is based on the notion of achieving as a high commercial value on a mass-production product, so that we make sure we are able to give back enough to support the conflict-torn societies in the long-run. We purchase the material of recycled firearms from IM, then we give 15% of each sale back to the organization, participating in fundraising for victims and projects to rebuild the affected societies. Although it’s still a learning curve for us, we are quite determined to get this product out world wide. We want to take that stand, and to keep this cycle going around.”

I still vividly remember their voices when, Tobias and Didrik Wachtmeister, the Chief of Development of Time for Peace collection, said this in our interview without a single hesitation.


It’s A Social Call That Brings Us Together

As you may know, Plant A Douce is a social startup not writing for any sponsorship or conventional commercial promotion purposes. This article is written for the purpose of providing another point of view for participating in social change, the future of philanthropy, and innovative fashion. We are feeling extra grateful to join hands with TRIWA to spread the story of HUMANIUM Metal, and at first hand learning more about this magnificent project that allows us to examine, contribute, make our living environment more secure and engaging empathy towards a higher level of awareness.

As the Dalai Lama remarked-
“ Peace does not come through prayer, we human beings must create peace. Also, power of truth is more powerful and enduring than the power of gun. Therefore, the HUMANIUM Metal initiative is a laudable effort at making this world more peaceful through concrete human action.”

Together, with watches, words and endless possibilities, we hope to create small pieces with big impacts, pieces that deliver OUR true dedication for a better world we would like all humans and generations to live in.


[1] IM is a development organisation fighting and exposing poverty and exclusion. The organisation was founded in 1938 and is working in thirteen countries worldwide.

Visit HUMANIUM Project & IM, click here

[2] http://www.unitar.org/thematic-areas/capacity-2030-agenda Retrieved 2018-04-27

Special thanks to TRIWA.
2018 at Stockholm, Sweden


words and Photos By KAICHI CHUANG
edit by Welney Huang



The TRIWA X HUMANIUM watch will be launched on
May 30th on Kickstarter.







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