The Gentle Power of Slow(Beauty)

meeting Zandra, founder of The Beauty Archive | Stockholm

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

"Not until the year 2018 that I have been finding my life as an endless journey of self-exploration, constantly looking for something that allows me to fully express my enthusiasm, at the same time contribute to the colorfulness of this unique planet. Would I be a superwoman who saves the earth? Or the Sailormoon that upholds justice? The Chinese shero Hua Mulan? Or more reasonable,…as Elsa of Disney Frozen?!

Knowing that I am a person full of imagination and emotion since I was a child, I have been always hoping to create a little bit of something more than just being an ordinary person and follow the rules of the rigid social standard. I have been always aiming to make a difference and positive impact to this world. If human deserves to be beautiful, why not the Motherland?” The inner passion and vision glow through her solid regard and clenching hands around the coffee cup. She is the founder of this Swedish organic conscious beauty brand- The Beauty Archive, Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson.

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

"Although born with innumerable warmth for everything that relates to beauty and culture; including, music, art, theater, and even philosophy, psychology; my irreplaceable love is the Art of Makeup. I knew I want to become a professional makeup artist since the age of six. Being deeply fascinated by the relationship among makeup and psychological health— by bringing incredible positive self-confidence, enables one to express his/her internal confidently and truly, helps one to discover themselves.— the magical power of makeup that it could to improve a happier life of others attires me strongly.”

However, before her own brand was born, Zandra had also experienced a struggling and stressful life which demands her to conceal her imagination and enthusiasm to collage an ‘ideal life’ image that satisfies in Swedish society's culture. Of which is to work hard as a nine-to-five, work harder to earn and save money, work more to be better, just be ‘ordinary’ and stable as all the others are as far as enough.

But is this kind life choice really saving more or losing more? Over the years, Zandra never gave up trying to listen and explore her true voice. In 2014, the Makeup Archive, a private makeup salon between girlfriends were created, bringing her passion for beauty and the temperature of human connection into realization.

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

"When I tell my family and friends to ‘take good care of themselves’, I mean to REALLY take good care. If we aren’t able to do so, we neither have the ability and condition to take care of others or even our environment. The start of this private beauty salon, through making close connections with each client, and sharing my holistic beauty experience, that was an ‘Ah-Ha moment’ to me! Accelerate my awareness to think of, as a professional makeup artist, what we are putting on to our clients’ face, is more beauty, more love and care; or chemicals and plastics? ”

Grounding. Feel the balance of the various connections in life.
Cultivate inner growth. Truly love yourself all the time, and everywhere.

The four key concepts gave birth to The Beauty Archive (TBA) and Zandra's Slow Beauty world.

What The Beauty Archive believes: returning to the spirit of Authenticates, Kindness, and Simplicity, from its mono-product line- Hand-pour Organic Balm we could tell. A pot of love that is used as lip gloss, cheek color, and eye color, each product was tested and examined by Zandra’s whole family, regardless of children, male or female, even her mother who has extremely sensitive and allergic skin.

Besides all, with her husband who’s engaged in environmental science and marine protection, he merged into products with his particular attentions about whether they will pollute water system after rinsing? Does the production process, directly or indirectly, cause marine pollution? These may be beyond our common standard of beauty products, nevertheless, are perceived values of The Beauty Archive's exceptional concern.

Photos courtesy The Beauty Archive

Photos courtesy The Beauty Archive


Under the mild Stockholm’s spring sunshine, Zandra took a sip of coffee and continue sharing with me that as a Swede, in their general consciousness, people popularly appreciate and feeling lucky to live in an environment that is embraced by nature. To be very aware of how we shape our environment with what we produce and how we live.

However, living in a speed-pace time, of which consumerism prevail, we still have too many product options, tempting us to choose too fast and change too fast. Stimulating the civilization of fast fashion, fast beauty, and fast media. As a consumer, each time seeing beautifully designed packaging of new products released, or all overwhelming unboxing posts by beauty gurus’, we could easily unwittingly forget by meanwhile we buy, and we put on new colors on ourselves, what kind of landscape we added on to our environment?


"The reason why I founded TBA and focus on developing a minimal product-line, all organic and sustainably sourced, is to provide an option that ensures every detail does not infringe people and the environment. Start out of a mindful brand, to create a community that anyone can convey and share their life experiences and the essence of finding self-consciousness. By promoting the concept of slow beauty, I would like to encourage everyone to bravely SLOW down their lives and do anything that encourages them to shine."

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

Photo courtesy The Beauty Archive

From a makeup art enthusiast and a dreamer, to becoming the founder of a beauty brand that inspires fraternity, care for the health and conscious. While listening to Zandra talking about her entrepreneurial story, I have to try very hard to resist myself from interrupting with my boiling emotion. Not only because seeing the silhouette of my own entrepreneurial lifepath, but also seeing a great model to many women in the society who still struggles from having this eager to unleash their inner creativity and live as a fantastic independent, but still not being able, lack of courage or even forbidden by reality reasons.

In a three-diameter pot, Zandra’s implements her messages of Enhances love and Courage, Gentleness and Consciousness, Health and Happiness to not only as the formula of products, but the whole of The Beauty Archive. Maybe subverting our thoughts about what "Beauty" and "Makeup" could be and should be from today.




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