The Gentle Power of Slow(Beauty)

Knowing that I am a person full of imagination and emotion since I was a child, I have been always hoping to create a little bit of something more than just being an ordinary person and follow the rules of the rigid social standard. I have been always aiming to make a difference and positive impact to this world. If human deserves to be beautiful, why not the Motherland?” The inner passion and vision glow through her solid regard and clenching hands around the coffee cup. She is the founder of this Swedish organic conscious beauty brand- The Beauty Archive, Zandra Arvidsson Holgersson.

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Departing a Life of Chaotic Comfort, Finding Connection

When you waltz through the bustling summer Tuileries garden near the Louvre, your eyes  might instantly be drawn to an army of happy ducks, bellies pointing up towards the sky, rolling left and right. Then, you might see, amongst them, a beautiful woman, wearing a pair of black Ray-Bans, with the head and neck of a ballerina... And when you come closer, wanting to snap a few photos, you might hear her saying, with the air of a slightly amused diplomat , “You guys are the most beautiful creatures around the Louvre during the summer! ”

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Winter Lingers

Welcome to March! Although...Paris is re-covered in a  white blanket after last night's storm. Long winter has its beauty but it can be difficult, until we find our peace, acceptance and gratitude again in the kitchen. Trying out all sorts of stew recipes has become our winter ritual.

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