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Rosendals Garden

Traversing on a bike from Skeppsholmen island, I arrived in Djurgården island. Just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm’s inner city, this tranquil local oasis has been in possession of the crown since the 15th century. Like no other place in Stockholm, it collects many of the city’s most famous museums and cultural attractions as well as the most fascinating green environment.  However, on such a day, museum visits were on standby. I was keen, and could almost smell the aroma of natural organic food and baked goods and coffee diffusing in the air, all freshly served from one of my top conscious living destinations in Stockholm- Rosendals Trädgård- biodynamic urban garden.

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Directly translated from Danish TagTomat means roof tomato - and that is what it all began with. The journey of TagTomat started when Mads Boserup, the initiator and leading figure in TagTomat, went on paternity leave for his daughter in 2011.

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Shopping Sans Packaging

When I heard of the opening of the very first package-free store, LØS Market in Copenhagen - with conscious concepts similar to another package-free shop I have been yearning to visit in New York, Trash for Tossers - I was eager and excited to visit as soon as possible!

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