Rosendals Garden

Conscious living destination at Stockholm



As daylight breaks just after Earth hour, the arrival of Spring is announced, and we have finally reached the sunniest and warmest day of all Scandinavian countries since the beginning of 2018. By 10am, Stockholmers were already outdoors with their sunglasses and jogging leggings to welcome in such a cheerful Sunday morning.

Traversing on a bike from Skeppsholmen island, I arrived in Djurgården island. Just a stone’s throw away from Stockholm’s inner city, this tranquil local oasis has been in possession of the crown since the 15th century. Like no other place in Stockholm, it collects many of the city’s most famous museums and cultural attractions as well as the most fascinating green environment.  However, on such a day, museum visits were on standby. I was keen, and could almost smell the aroma of natural organic food and baked goods and coffee diffusing in the air, all freshly served from one of my top conscious living destinations in Stockholm- Rosendals Trädgård- biodynamic urban garden.


A Healthy and Earth-Happy Community is not a Fairytale


“ We dream of a world where our consumption is in harmony with nature; a world where we can live the good life without sacrificing earth's resources. We are convinced that this is possible if we take small steps in the right direction every day. We want to take our stand to the stack and at the same time inspire more to be involved in pushing forward! ”-Rosendals Trädgård


As a visitor and consumer, we can easily observe and experience this harmonious energy of Rosendals Trädgård’s commitment by exploring their multi-dynamic use of land and organic resources: vegetable fields, greenhouse cultivation, orchard, vineyard, rose garden, compost, playground, farmhouse, wood-burning bakery, farm shop and a KRAV-certified café. We see the circularity of living from one status to another, in various possibilities - all within nature’s aesthetic and natural processes.



Fallen pine trees lie on a potager garden, awaiting to become natural fertilizer, while other parts go into different sustainable cycles. Even the leftovers from our plates are carefully recollected to be made into rich compost for the garden. Humans, as interactors of nature, are inspired at Rosendal's Garden to learn that we are in fact, just another part of the cycle of life.

In addition, by observing and interacting with people working around the area, you can tell everyone who works at Rosendal's Garden takes their job seriously. Every detail is as if a celebration from nature- Gardeners, florists, chefs, bakers, carpenters and beekeepers- they do things elegantly, consciously, to protect the true craft and authenticity. And all the foods on their menu or in their shops, are so divinely simple!


Today, beyond just existing as a biodynamic trading garden established thirty years ago, Rosendals Trädgård remade itself as a hub to experience life of growth, durability and enjoyment.

Within the ultimately welcoming atmosphere; whether to enjoy a wholesome lunch, shop for green ideas or participate in their exhibitions or events; we believe people come to receive the joy of well-living, see the seeds of change, and be motivated for a more holistic,conscious future.


Land to table, Body to soul, Nature to humanity- Lesson of Conscious-whole

Not only Rosendals Trädgård has, in these recent five years, experienced the new wave of urban agriculture wash through Scandinavian countries. With Denmark and Sweden in the lead as experts in biodynamic farming, as chefs, scientists, designers and artisans, they have gathered together in new venues, created circular economies,and formed new projects together with plenty of ongoing experiments.

This food revolution-or even, social movement for sustainable urban development- are founded on a shared ethos of nature and community holism. What these people and organizations are doing are definitely avant-garde but accessible toward the common goal we keep as a priority.  Plant A Douce has visited, participated and is committed with some of the best of this community. Their stories will soon be presented in your eyes in the following issues.

Until then.


words & photos by KAICHI CHUANG