What's In My On-The-Go Bag

Low Waste Style


Everywhere we go there are single use products-- coffee shops, fast food restaurants, grocery store samples. You name it, we have found a way to make it as convenient as possible to use something once and toss it.


These are the items I have in my purse to ensure I create the least amount of waste possible on-the-go:

Bamboo Cutlery

I use the To-Go Ware Bamboo Cutlery Set in the Kids Edition to save some room in my bag. It’s such a small, lightweight item to carry that will save lots of plastic spoons, forks, and knives from going to the landfill. Plus, you never realize how many times you wish you had a fork until you have one!

Stainless Steel Straw

Every straw ever used is still on our Earth today. It is so easy for the wind to take a straw and carry it into our oceans, forests, and natural areas. It is such an easy item to carry to save so much unneeded plastic. You can also try bamboo, glass, or silicone if stainless steel isn’t your thing!


Washable Cloth

I carry this cloth to use as a napkin or washcloth on the go. You never know when you might need it! It has come in handy so many times. Tip: You don’t even need to buy one! Just simply cut up an old t-shirt and give it a second life.


Produce Bags

I carry 3 canvas produce bags in a little zipper pouch. They weight close to nothing and make it easy for me to stop in the store anytime and buy food if need be.


Tote Bags

The tote bags I carry are just reusable shopping bags given at local clothing stores. They pack down to a super small size and work perfectly every time I need a bag on-the-go. Many places will give you a discount for using your own bag too! Score!


Reusable Coffee Mug

I carry a coffee mug with me incase I ever decide to take a pit stop at a coffee shop. If I know I will not use this, I normally leave it in the car to avoid carrying it around everywhere. This is a super simple practice to implement that will actually save you money!

One of my favorite coffee mug brands is Keep Cup. They are small, compact and colorful little mugs to take everywhere with you! Their focus is to get people apart of the Reuse Revolution. They are passionate about sustainability and taking disposable products down! I love the cute little Keep Cup for on-the-go.

Reusable Water Bottle

My sticker-coated water bottle is my baby. It has been with me everywhere and I would most definitely cry if I ever lost it. Carrying a reusable water bottle allows you to never have to buy a single use plastic bottle while out and about. Plus, you always have water when you are feeling just a little parched!

Snack-filled Mason Jars

It’s so easy to toss some Mason Jars filled with almonds, trail mix, salads, or pretzels into your bag to avoid buying snacks on-the-go! You can always leave these in your car too if you don’t want to carry them. Who doesn’t love some snacks throughout the day?


These items have saved me from creating lots of waste and they hardly weigh a thing in my purse! Try implementing just one or two of these to start and you will soon want to try them all. Making a few small changes will add up in the end!