Winter Lingers

warm spiced lentil stew


Welcome to March! Although...Paris is re-covered in a  white blanket after last night's storm. Long winter has its beauty but it can be difficult, until we find our peace, acceptance and gratitude again in the kitchen. Trying out all sorts of stew recipes has become our winter ritual. Talking about stews, I have been eating carrots throughout the whole winter - the whole carrot family - orange, purple, yellow, red, white... - wait, don't turn the page away! We understand many people have a carrot-phobia, but there are many ways to turn this scary stuff into divine goodness! 

Eating and preparing conscious food is a good way to fight against this dramatic season. This simple stew recipe is served with with adorable toppings: Avocado & baby spinach. Mild, Tasteful, Nourishing. Provides high vitamin + protein sources + good fat that helps to reset our emotion, strengthen immune system and positive energies. Bonne appetite! 



whole food

one pot

Hormon- balancing

Eat your fear





Ready in 30 minutes
(Recipe for 2)

  • 2 cups organic green lentils*

  • 2 shallots

  • Parsnip & carrot* (any quantity you like)
  • 1 large courgette

  • A nice amount of mushrooms

  • 1 avocado (for 2)

  • Baby spinach

  • Nori sheets

  • 2 tbsp. of tomato sauce (good way for left-over cleanup)

  • 1 tbsp of each: paprika & marsala & turmeric 

  • A pinch of coriander seeds & dried oregano

  • 1-1.5 cup of water

  • Camellia oil*

  • Extra virgin olive oil 

  • salt & pepper to taste



  1. Cook the green lentils according to instructions on the packaging.  

  2. Peel the carrots and parsnip, cut them along with the courgette and mushrooms into small, bite-sized chunks. 

  3. Dice the shallots, sauté them in a pot for flavor. Keep an eye out- they burn fast.

  4. Pour in all cut vegetables in with olive oil.  Sauté for fews minutes then put the pot lid on to let the vegetables steam through.

  5. Once vegetables are softened, add all spices, herbs, tomato sauce, lentil and water. Once boiled, lower the heat and stew for 5 mins. Add more water if needed.

  6. Turn off the heat and continue to stir until the texture thickens. Season as you like with salt and pepper.

  7. Serve with brown rice or grains. Top with avocados, baby spinach, nori sheets.

  8. Last but not least, a drizzle of cold-pressed camellia oil turns the dish into a delicacy.  



*It's also good to use pre-cooked lentil if organically sourced. It really saves time but contains the same nutrition value, choose un-salted if possible.

*Enjoy and customize this stew as you wish- you may replace parsnip and carrots with any kind of winter root vegetables. Create a rainbow in your stew- it's a great way to nourish your body with a diversity of vitamins and minerals. 

*Camellia oil is a new sort of super food according to recent research, less seen using in western cuisine but quite often in Asian food. It has a very similar taste to sesame oil, but lighter and wooden flavor. You may of course replace with other nut-based oil, but make sure to use cold-pressed or organic ones. 


words & photos By KaiChi Chuang