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Plant A Douce (PAD) is an interactive platform where Europe crosses Asia in the common search for a mindful life. Founded by Kai Chi Chuang in 2018, PAD began as a passion project, aiming to fill the vacuumuity for an informed, culture-networking, and embracive connection between East and West on reducing our consumption footprint.

At PAD, we working with our deepest passion to invigorate the positivity of conscientious consumption, creativity and a circular economy. We are dedicated to curating content that inspires every woman and man to greater awareness on ethical fashion, clean beauty & food, eco-inspiring living, culture, art and innovation.  Beyond the written word, PAD champions consumer action through our in-house ethically-sourced marketplace. Outside of cyberspace, PAD hosts events and collaborations that bring prominent actors and the general public together to redefine a happier, enduring lifestyle.

With the fundamental idea that in every generations exists a style to remember, Plant A Douce hopes to create the contours for a new popular culture. We live in a time where everything is easy to get, and people come and go in an instant. The heightened importance of the search for substantive connection- within oneself, morally, and in our surroundings- plants the seed of our disruptive movement.

We compose the new living-art attitude of our time. Planting a douce today is the seed that will blossom into a better tomorrow. #BeOnTheDouceMove